• Taking advantage of #lifeintimeofcoronavirus to catch up on some reading.  Hold Still, photographer Sally Mann’s memoir, is captivating, full of transporting stories about her life in rural Lexington, Virginia, her friendship with Cy Twombly and her photography. On my list of must read is also Arthur Danto critical essay on Andy Warhol! #readaboutart #artadvisor #loveart#alwayslearning
  • Last week I was supposed to take one of my clients to view these small Mel Kendrick’s sculptures in Mahagony and Japan Color @davidnolangallery. They are gorgeous. Now that we are all hunkered down at home and definitely not going to see art in person 😷, we can appreciate even more the art in our lifes and homes! Trying to reinvent what beeing an art advisor in time of coronavirus means. One thing is sure, we need, as much as possible, to continue support the artists that we love. So why not buy art and make #wfh more enjoyable. #supportingartist #buyart #lifeintimeofcoronavirus #artadvisor
  • Remembering artist Wolf Kahn who passed away Sunday at age 92 while we were all grappling with the Coronavirus. Drawing strength not only from his art but his life story.  Kahn fled Nazi Germany at age 13, emigrated to the United States, served in the Navy, studied under artist Hans Hofmann and painted every day almost until the end. RIP Wolf Kahn🙏 #artinspiration #wecandothistogether #loveart #artadvisor
  • Although  #whitneymuseum and all major museums in New York City have closed temporarily to contain the spread of COVID-19, I can’t help but share some images  of the fabulous Vida Americana show at the Whitney on the lasting influence of Mexican Muralists on American Art. I will be the first one to go back.Something to look forward to! And meanwhile the museums are closed, a lot of art galleries are still open and you can still view art and support the arts while keeping with the social distancing etiquette. Just looking. Learning. #supportart #supportartists #loveart #partnerinart
  • Last week’s New York Art Fairs were a nice respite from the anxiety producing news. People’s need to connect and learn through art felt more pressing. The art was full of hope, full of promises of a more open and accepting world! Loved Bianca Beck, Julien des Monstiers, Barthelemy Toguo and Judith Linhares #indepedentartfair #partnerinart #artadvisor
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  • Yesterday’s favorites #thearmoryshow. Just looking, not shaking hands, Coronavirus oblige. Loving Mel Kendrick, Doran Langberg, #ivannavarro #mattbollinger among others. Loved meeting Malaysian artist Anne Samat @marcstrausgallery and her elaborate totem woven sculptures. Off to more art viewing today. Keeping my eyes open #partnerinart
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